Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April Showers

I just finished up working at Bardel Entertainment on a show called Bob's Burgers. I am looking for new work and I'll hopefully find something soon, because I gotta pay my rent. ;P While I look for work I am also working on my background for my animated short. I'm about half way done colouring the Family Mart store. I really can't wait till this BG is done! I want to do more colourful BGs rather than technical ones right now. This one has been pretty technical and I am looking forward to just painting and not really thinking to hard. In the mean time I put together some WWII soldier portraits I sketched.

More to come soon!


XENöSIS said...

COOL!!!! I saw the food mart bg below. Looks sweet! I suck at bg's so i must tip my imaginary hat at you.

BrothaJeff said...

awwww Thanks Azam! Your stuff is pretty freakin awesome! I'm gonna fallow you!