Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life Update

I haven't updated in a while. I am still working on the layouts for my short. I'm still working on the most tedious one. I decided to print it out and draw in all the details with a pencil and then scan it back in. It's much faster this way. I wish I had a cintiq!!!! haha I finished drawing all the bottles in the coolers (pop, water, beer, soju, milk ect...) Now I'm drawing all the candy and chocolate in the aisle. I'm also drawing noodles... Once this layout is done, I'm going to be so happy... haha

On another note. I didn't want to update without a picture. This is a model I was working on during the past summer. Never got to finishing it. Maybe I should? I was going for a cartoonie look. It's a German soldier from WWII. I had fun building all the gear on his webbing. I am a WWII fanatic and can't get enough of it. Maybe I will work on this again once I purchase a nice computer that is powerful enough to render out some images. Other wise, I'm going to stick to 2D stuff for a while.

OHH and by the way. I have a job now! I'm doing graphic art for a TV show studio near my house. I get to work from home too. It's a pretty nice paying job with no stress and lots of time to work on my own stuff. So I'm rather enjoying it.

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Canuckism said...

Looks good brotha!